Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Two Piece Sweater Dress (UNIF Chloe Dress)

There are a ton of clothing brands that I love; UNIF being one of them. However, my bank account isn't always a fan. :-P So when I saw the "Chloe Dress" I knew that it would be very simple to recreate. My version isn't a carbon copy of the UNIF Dress but it is close enough to get the same look for much, much less.

  • Old cable knit sweater
  • Tulle fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Elastic (1/2" or wider)
  • Sewing machine or needle & thread

Step 1: Resize your sweater. The UNIF version is cropped so I had to shorten my sweater & take it in on the sides (The real version also features side slits but I opted out on those). I used a straight stitch followed by a zigzag stitch to make sure the knit wouldn't unravel later on. (Make sure the sweater is turned inside out before sewing)

Step 2: Prepare the fabric for your skirt. Double your waist measurement to get the width of your skirt. Then measure from your waist to how long you want your skirt to be plus extra length to make an elastic casing; this is your length. (If you are using a 1/2" elastic band add 1". If you're using a 1" elastic band add 2"). Cut out 4 or more layers of tulle & one layer of liner to these measurements.

Step 3: Hem the liner. Fold the bottom of your liner 1/2" then 1/2" again. Sew this down with a straight stitch. This will make your liner 1" shorter than your tulle & will keep it from fraying.

Step 4: Place your liner on top of the tulle & fold over the excess length for your elastic casing. (The extra inch or two that you added in your length measurement). Sew the casing down with a straight stitch.

Step 5: Fold the two ends of the skirt together (right sides touching) & sew them together. Do not sew over the elastic casing yet. Now you should have a large skirt.

Step 6: Cut a piece of elastic slightly smaller than your waist measurement. Attach a safety pin to the end & insert it into the elastic casing. Pinch & pull the elastic through the skirt using the safety pin as your guide.

Step 7: Sew the two ends of the elastic band together.

And you're done!

You can see this tutorial in video form as well as many other DIY's on my YouTube channel Tashalala.

Take care & stay creative. xxx -Tasha